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Week of June 13
by Larry Ashlock on June 13th, 2021
The secret to your success lies in the unity of the church. Now, this opening sentence may seem to be outmoded in our contemporary age where individualism is preeminently prized; however, the passage we examine today is anchored by imperative verbs that are all stated in the plural. There was no such thing then as a lone warrior in full armor, nor is there to be something similar today. I find it ...  Read More
Week of June 6
by Larry Ashlock on June 6th, 2021
In the words of multimedia journalist, Brooke Kato, the term “cancel culture” refers to the “phenomenon of promoting the ‘cancelling’ of people, brands and even shows and movies due to what some consider to be offensive, or problematic remarks or ideologies.” One expert believes that the roots of cancel culture have been present throughout human history. Societies punished people for behaving in a...  Read More
Week of May 30
by Larry Ashlock on May 30th, 2021
I took him by the hand, but he had absolutely no idea where I was leading him that day. I knew precisely where we were going. He trusted and followed me into an entirely different life. I will explain in a few moments what I mean by this mysterious opening to today’s devotional, but, for now, I want us to turn our thoughts to where God is surely leading all those who are in Christ Jesus. Do you th...  Read More
Week of May 23
by Larry Ashlock on May 23rd, 2021
John of the Cross once said, “Whenever anything disagreeable or displeasing happens to you remember Christ crucified and be silent.” I know why he recommended this approach to suffering, but embodying it seems extraordinarily difficult (1 Peter 2:23). I also know from personal experience that it certainly helps to have someone walk alongside of us when we endure hardship. The Thessalonians had end...  Read More
Week of May 16
by Larry Ashlock on May 16th, 2021
“Somebody help the boy!” This was the verbal cry of a young child when he had made a climb and then found that his feet were too short to reach the ground. He was in danger of falling! He was expressing his fear at the loss of safety in the form of a lament. Scholars identify Psalm 56 as an individual lament (Tyn; EBC; Handbook). This type of psalm often contains a unique feature defined as “impre...  Read More
Week of May 9
by Larry Ashlock on May 9th, 2021
Hannah Whitall Smith (1832-1911) once said, “It is wonderful what miracles God works in wills that are utterly surrendered to Him.” The American evangelist, reformer, and leader in the Holiness movement perhaps did not conceive of how significant her words were when applied to Christ’s prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. The Savior models for us the type of trust that leads to full surrender to th...  Read More
Week of May 2
by Larry Ashlock on May 2nd, 2021
If you take anything away from the devotional today, then it should be the focal verse. Imagine that you have written on a mirror so that it will be the first thing you see each day. How big are the letters? Perhaps I should state it this way: How big is your Savior? This question figures prominently in the middle sections of Matthew’s gospel. The gospel writer builds a strong case that Jesus is t...  Read More
Week of April 25
by Larry Ashlock on April 25th, 2021
“I do not like the tone in your voice,” has helped generations of children to be molded in appropriate ways to express their upset. I have benefited from similar words at times when I was a youngster. Sadly, as we grow up, we often fail to express our upset to the Lord. We have come to believe that it is inappropriate. Sometimes, the reason for our reluctance is our poor awareness of God’s desire ...  Read More
Week of April 18
by Larry Ashlock on April 18th, 2021
The psalmist declares that the cries of the oppressed grow louder by the day, and the Lord hears them. Our psalm today provides us with an individual lament in which the writer combines prayer with praise to give voice to God’s just rule over the nations (EBC). He cries out to God in his need because he knows that God hears his cry and answers him. How can this be so when there are many calls curr...  Read More
Week of April 11
by Larry Ashlock on April 11th, 2021
The business of doing God’s business carries with it much moral authority. It includes relating properly to him and to the people one is called to lead in his behalf. Our generation gravitates toward leaders who are able to “get things done” or exert a certain type of “influence” over those they lead. I understand the importance of these things; however, there is something much deeper at work when...  Read More
Easter Sunday: He Lives and So Should We
by Larry Ashlock on April 4th, 2021
How does one emerge from horrific grief and loss to embrace victorious new life? This transformation may be summed up in one word, “Resurrection.” Friends, this core Biblical truth is recorded throughout the scriptures but too many today find it impossible to believe. These dear souls find it too difficult to believe in life beyond death, nor do they see how believing may strengthen them in the pr...  Read More
Palm Sunday: Coming Victory over Sin and Death
by Larry Ashlock on March 28th, 2021
What do we see when we see Jesus entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday of Holy Week? And, what will be our response?! The world sees a Conqueror, but the reality is Jesus enters as the Redeemer. The prophet Isaiah referred to God as the “Holy One of Israel, our Redeemer” which held implications both for Israel and Gentiles. (Isaiah 44:24; 54:5). The Lord comes to dwell in the midst of his people as Sa...  Read More
Week of March 21
by Larry Ashlock on March 21st, 2021
The old saying that we will not know where we are going unless we know where we have been applies to Paul’s work in Corinth. The forward progress of the church in Corinth, as well as churches today, was hindered by a great misunderstanding of the central truth of the gospel. Human wisdom and effort will not enable a church or an individual Christian to apprehend the wisdom of God. The church was f...  Read More
Week of March 14
by Larry Ashlock on March 14th, 2021
“Smooth sailing” is a euphemism that means easy progress without impediment or difficulty. The Galatians were on some windy, choppy waters, so church life was definitely not smooth sailing. Captain Paul’s argument, to carry the analogy forward, takes another tack as he sails toward the final destination of freedom in Christ.Galatians 5:13 serves as a transition verse from his theology of freedom (...  Read More
Week of March 7
by Larry Ashlock on March 7th, 2021
If we are not careful, an unbridled individualism may well be drawn up within a destructive vortex of Christian nationalism. This failure may happen when Christ-followers fail to bend the knee to his universal authority (Colossians 1:15-20). The underlying challenge that is found in Mark 12 relates to Jesus’ authority. Jesus’ right to rule provides a flash point for the tensions that we see in the...  Read More
Week of February 28
by Larry Ashlock on February 28th, 2021
“If you do not get anything else right, then make sure you get this right,” are words that seminary professors would utter with urgency when they were trying to teach me and my fellow classmates a central truth. I gave them my full focus because they usually followed that statement with, “This material will be on the final exam!” Mark provides us with thirteen verses to open his gospel, and he is ...  Read More
Week of February 21
by Larry Ashlock on February 21st, 2021
People, power, and principles are interwoven to create a rope that may be used to help or harm people. Hopefully, the previous sentence sounds intriguing and causes you to wonder what it may mean. I wrote it so that we would consider the impact of our everyday life encounters. It should cause us to reflect upon the ways that our beliefs and actions may be used in God’s grander purpose to advance t...  Read More
Week of Feb. 14
by Larry Ashlock on February 14th, 2021
“And the Lord spoke” carried supreme authority when Israel received God’s law. Community was formed by God’s word and his word set the boundaries for inclusion and exclusion in it. Not so any longer in Western culture! As Dallas Willard writes, “What characterizes life in so-called Western societies today, however, is the absence, or presumed absence, of knowledge of good and evil, right and wrong...  Read More
Week of Feb. 7
by Larry Ashlock on February 7th, 2021
Open doors lead both to expected and unexpected results, so make certain to step forward with the Spirit’s guidance and help. Now, that opening sentence holds some significant implications. If you are like me, you will often open a package and lay the instructions aside because you are eager to enjoy the contents. We quite often open the package of new life in Christ but fail to read carefully the...  Read More
Week of Jan. 31
by Larry Ashlock on January 31st, 2021
One of the great expectations of the Christian life rests on the truth that what began at the Ascension of Christ will be completed upon his glorious return. In the meantime, we have an assignment from him (Acts 1:8). Please bear with me because this devotional is desperately needed in our current day. Gratefully, we have been left with a wonderful account of the early church in the Book of Acts t...  Read More
Week of Jan. 24
by Larry Ashlock on January 24th, 2021
The power of all false gods is illusory, while the strength of the Lord our God is real and eternal. Ahh! Of course, knowing this fact with our minds does not integrate immediately into life practice. We will see this truth played out in the exodus of Israel from Egypt where they had spent four centuries exposed to polytheism. It continued to influence their faith practices through the centuries.S...  Read More
Week of Jan. 17
by Larry Ashlock on January 17th, 2021
A popular adage reminds us of the importance of foundational commitments: “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” In other words, core values are the foundation of how you and everyone around you conduct themselves. Christians are to make sure that the worship of the Father is the supreme value in their lives. It will show in how they conduct themselves.The collection of sa...  Read More
Week of Jan. 10
by Larry Ashlock on January 10th, 2021
The heart of Luke 8 may be found in a single question that Luke presents to us on the lips of the disciples. The question is: “Who then is this, that he commands even winds and water, and they obey him?” I believe that this query rests on the foundational principle of Jesus’ Divine sovereignty. Luke writes to show people that Jesus is Lord over nature, the demonic, and over sickness and death; the...  Read More
Week of Jan. 3
by Larry Ashlock on January 3rd, 2021
It seems very likely that Genesis 1-11 represents one of the most familiar portions of the Bible. Nearly all people have heard about Adam and Eve, the temptation and fall into sin, the Flood, and the tower of Babel. Familiarity with this part of the Bible certainly does not equate to unity among people as to how we should approach it and apply it to our lives! Some dismiss these chapters as little...  Read More
Week of Dec. 27
by Larry Ashlock on December 27th, 2020
It has been said, “It is best to be with those in time that we hope to be with in eternity.” Christian friendships are the best, aren’t they? Shawna and I have a close friend who has often invited us into her home for meals and fellowship. It is a lovely place, and we have enjoyed much laughter and a few tears, as well as joys and sorrows in that place. I am certain that you, too, have friends suc...  Read More
Week of Dec. 20
by Larry Ashlock on December 20th, 2020
Some of the most unsettling moments in my ministry occurred throughout a two-year period when I, as a young pastor, served as an “on-call” (PRN) chaplain for the V.A. hospital in Big Spring, Texas. I made dozens of visits each week, but the most difficult encounters to process were the ones on a special unit for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) patients. What hope is there for such life circumstances? I...  Read More
Week of Dec. 13
by Larry Ashlock on December 13th, 2020
George Muller, the man of great faith, once wrote, “. . .Through prayer to God, the study of the Word, and reflection, I come to a deliberate judgment according to the best of my ability. . .” the will of God. He always began by setting his heart in such a way that he had not a will of his own in regard to a given concern. He had learned that a person must be willing to do the Lord’s will regardle...  Read More
Week of Dec. 6
by Larry Ashlock on December 6th, 2020
Pastor Jack Wellman writes, “The Bible mentions prayer a lot, but prayer is much more than simply repeating words or wishful thinking. Prayer is talking and listening to God. Prayer, like a conversation, can be done at any time, anywhere – because God is always with us and is always listening.” It has been said that the entire letter of Ephesians was written with an attitude of prayer! We have bef...  Read More
Week of Nov. 29
by Larry Ashlock on November 29th, 2020
Christianity’s claim to be the one true path to God hinges upon the miraculous resurrection event that is recorded in Matthew 28 (cf. 1 Corinthians 15:12-19). We know indeed the significance of the resurrection for Christian salvation, but we often overlook the implications that it holds for life in the church. Hang in there with me today because this devotional will provide you with a critical el...  Read More
Week of Nov. 22
by Larry Ashlock on November 22nd, 2020
“We would worry less if we praised more. Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction” (Harry Ironside). We need a praise leader to call our nation to thanksgiving! Regardless of life’s ups and downs, this person directs people to the ways that God has been near to his children despite their troubles. Psalm 124 provides us with an important pre-Thanksgiving reminder of the ways that...  Read More
Week of Nov. 15
by Larry Ashlock on November 15th, 2020
Sometimes things are so broken that they need a miraculous blessing in order to restore them to wholeness. The Holy Spirit takes that which is fractured and renders it whole, whether it is a broken life or a divided church. Consider our biological lives. The health of the human body, as complex as it is, hinges upon having a heart that is able to pump oxygenated blood throughout the body. No heart...  Read More
Week of Nov. 8
by Larry Ashlock on November 8th, 2020
Abraham Lincoln, the newly nominated senatorial candidate, addressed the Illinois Republican Convention on 16 June 1858 in which he warned that the nation faced “a crisis that could destroy the Union” (History). In that speech he paraphrased a New Testament passage of scripture by stating “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Hold on to this thought because there is a profound moral point...  Read More
Week of Nov. 1
by Larry Ashlock on November 1st, 2020
We hear much about "systemic" injustices in our age and many folks recoil when they hear the term. It means "something that is spread throughout, affecting a group or system, such as a body, economy, market or society as a whole." The moral issue surfaces regularly throughout the world.We see, for example, the Nigerian SARS violence and subsequent protests as people call for better governance. Peo...  Read More
Week of Oct. 25
by Larry Ashlock on October 25th, 2020
Where do you turn when you are an emotional basket case, as we say? You flail about seeking any and everyone to put healing salve on your raw grief, but no one, not even God, appears to be able to comfort you. Job pours out his frustration over the unhelpful counsel and attitudes of his friends and the seemingly unmerciful actions of God. He is in physical and emotional pain, cannot figure out wha...  Read More
Week of Oct. 18
by Larry Ashlock on October 18th, 2020
The life of praise should be reflective. I am not seeking to be philosophical, so please allow me to explain what I mean. Our praise should mirror what God has done for us. It becomes our poetic response to God’s self-revelation in history (WBC). I am indebted to Peter Craigie for reminding us that poetry was a form of language that was native to Israel, and it preceded the psalms (e.g. Exodus 15:...  Read More
Week of Oct. 11
by Larry Ashlock on October 11th, 2020
Susan B. Anthony once said, “I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires (Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony, Vol. 2, 384). I have heard lessons and sermons my entire life about the wicked Jewish religious leaders and Romans who opposed Christ. They both knew, and justified, what they were going to do. It is apparen...  Read More
Week of Oct. 4
by Larry Ashlock on October 4th, 2020
Who do you invite to church table fellowships? I recall an occasion where a church that I served held a semi-formal banquet. The setting was warm, and the church members were in a banquet mood. The room was filled with the scent of lovely food, as well as laughter and conversation among the guests. An unexpected entrance occurred, however, when a homeless man walked in off the street in search of ...  Read More
Week of Sept. 27
by Larry Ashlock on September 27th, 2020
The “Parable of the Good Samaritan,” we must remember, was not first used by Jesus to promote crisis center ministry! I certainly have used it in devotionals for the Baptist Center for Global Concerns’ Mary’s Table ministry, but I am well aware of its deeper significance. If you are like me, then you sense that Luke has a specific purpose in mind when he places this teaching-story in this place. T...  Read More
Week of Sept. 20
by Larry Ashlock on September 20th, 2020
“He will wipe away every tear . . .” is one of the most chosen passages for a funeral service. I understand why this is the case because of the hope that it inspires in people. R.C. Sproul once said, "Hope is called the anchor of the soul (Hebrews 6:19), because it gives stability to the Christian life” (Sproul, 1-2 Peter, p. 43). This chapter provides not only a powerful closing to John’s vision ...  Read More
Week of Sept. 13
by Larry Ashlock on September 13th, 2020
One of our most beloved hymns, “Great is Thy Faithfulness,” incorporates the words of Lamentation 3:22 into the first verse. What we may not know is that the hymn was penned not because of any catastrophic event, but simply as an outgrowth of the songwriter’s life. Thomas Chisolm was born into a log cabin in Franklin, Kentucky, in 1866. He did not attend high school or college but became a schoolt...  Read More