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Course registration opens September 16. 
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CenterPlace Fall Semester
5 October- 13 November

Registration Opens September 16
End-of-Life Decision Making for Families: Issues and Responses
(An elective course in the CenterPlace curriculum)

Facilitator: Larry Ashlock
Course Description: The course will provide instruction in end-of-life healthcare decision making. Topics such as caring for loved ones through a terminal illness, dementias like Alzheimer disease, and other debilitating illnesses will be covered. The course will provide families with a clearer understanding of ethical issues at life's end that may cause confusion and conflict with healthcare providers: for example, medical futility, surrogacy, and brain death. A model for moral decision making will be presented. Class discussion will center on applying key concepts and methods by the use of current case studies.

CenterPlace Ministry Training

The Center offers a  series of online classes that lead to a Certificate in Global Ministry Leadership. This course of study is designed for bi-vocational lay ministers, Sunday School teachers, and other lay men and women who seek pre-seminary training in ministry leadership.    

The learning track is comprised of six, six-week courses that may be completed in a nine-month cycle. The courses build practical, basic ministry skills across recognized theological disciplines. Applied ministry will be their focus. Contact the Center for more information.

Schedule of Required Courses

1. The Global Christian Minister (Church Leadership/Spiritual Formation)
2. Our Faith Heritage (The Story of Christianity)
3. The Bible and How to Teach and Preach it Effectively
4. Christian Global Ethics (Ministering to the World's Concerns)
5. World Religions (Exploring What Others Believe)
6. The Mission of God (the Life of a Good News Sharer)
Our upcoming 2021 course schedule will be posted soon.
Full or partial scholarships are available. Interested students are invited to contact the Center for enrollment. Email [email protected] for more information.