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End-of-Life Healthcare Decision-Making for Families:
Issues and Responses

Course Description:

  The six-week course provides instruction and encouragement for individuals and families that are facing end-of-life healthcare decision making. It also provides helpful instruction for families that choose to make advanced preparations for end-of-life before a health crisis occurs.

You will learn advanced planning healthcare strategies and how to care for loved ones through terminal illnesses, dementias like Alzheimer's, and how to respond and make decisions as you consult with medical professionals.
The course also will provide families with a clearer understanding of the ethical issues at life's end that sometimes cause confusion and conflict with healthcare providers (e.g., a loved one's "capacity" to make healthcare choices, informed consent, surrogacy (Medical Power of Attorney), advanced care planning, and privacy/confidentiality).

Lessons include ways to draw comfort from the Bible and apply its principles to challenging end-of-life concerns.
Interactive class discussions will teach wise medical decision-making using current case studies. Your questions about your own personal and family healthcare situations are welcome!

Learners also will benefit from conversations with end-of-life experts (e.g. Hospice caregiver, Funeral Director, Medical Doctor, and Social Worker).

When: September 12, 2023 - October 17, 2023 (Six Weeks)

Where*: Face-to-Face classroom sessions at the Baptist Center for Global Concerns, 4900 Sonterra Ct., Granbury, Texas 76049

*Inquire about an online option for distance learning.

Time: Tuesdays, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM (Course materials will be accessed through the CenterPlace learning platform).

Cost: Free

Facilitator: Dr. Larry C. Ashlock

Dr. Ashlock has an earned Doctor of Ministry degree in Theology and Ethics. His area of focus was equipping Christians to deal with the problem of evil and suffering. He also has earned a Ph.D. degree in ethics with a focus on medical ethics. His major focus was an ethical examination of the philosophy and practice of physician-assisted suicide.

Dr. Ashlock has more than four decades of pastoral care experience in hospital ministry and nearly two decades of service in clinical ethics. He has served on various hospital ethics committees and partnered with physicians to equip hospital personnel in ways to address ethical issues in healthcare.

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How to pray: Many families regularly reach out to the ministry for answers to end-of-life healthcare dilemmas. They seek assistance with navigating the contemporary medical maze and pastoral care and comfort. We ask you to pray for God to provide his peace and comfort in and through this course, as well as the ongoing healthcare consultations in which the Center participates.

Certificate in Executive Leadership

"Leading the Church Staff: Communication, Diverse Models, Resolving Crises, and Coaching"
When: Ongoing in real-time ministry (Online and Face-to-Face)
Where: Face-to-Face and Zoom Sessions. On-site consultations as scheduled.
How: Preparations for mentor/leader sessions will take place via CenterPlace. Pastors/Leaders may choose the time best suited for their schedules for working through each session.  
Time: Face-to-Face and Zoom Sessions will be scheduled weekly. Course materials will be accessed through the CenterPlace learning platform.
Cost: Cost to be covered by scholarships.
Description: The Certificate in Executive Leadership is a pilot training program for pastors and ministry leaders. It provides 360-Degree leadership engagement with a mentor/facilitator in real-time. The certificate covers a range of seminars in leadership with a special focus on a pastor/leader's actual context. 
Facilitator/Mentor: Larry Ashlock

CenterPlace Ministry Training

The Center offers a  series of online classes that lead to a Certificate in Global Ministry Leadership. This course of study is designed for bi-vocational lay ministers, Sunday School teachers, and other lay men and women who seek pre-seminary training in ministry leadership.    

The learning track is comprised of six, six-week courses that may be completed in a nine-month cycle. The courses build practical, basic ministry skills across recognized theological disciplines. Applied ministry will be their focus. Contact the Center for more information.

Schedule of Required Courses

1. The Global Christian Minister (Church Leadership/Spiritual Formation) [Fall 2023]
2. Our Faith Heritage (The Story of Christianity)
3. The Bible and How to Teach and Preach it Effectively
4. Christian Global Ethics (Ministering to the World's Concerns)
5. World Religions (Exploring What Others Believe)
6. The Mission of God (the Life of a Good News Sharer)
See above for Our Fall 2023 Course Schedule.
Full or partial scholarships are available. Interested students are invited to contact the Center for enrollment. Email [email protected] for more information.