Our Story

Founded in 2007, the Baptist Center for Global Concerns is a self-governing, collegial, 501(c)(3), that is dedicated to enhancing ethical leadership. The Center conducts research in, and trains Christians for, ministry in leadership, ethics, mission, and sustainable agricultural methods. We are devoted to exploring the world of moral concerns, equipping people to work toward moral change, and engaging the nameless and voiceless to ease the burdens of suffering.
The Center provides comprehensive historical, ethical, and practical training that equips people to make good moral decisions amidst a sea change of personal and global moral concerns. People often do little more than react to moral decisions. The Center trains individuals to embed their decisions within a broader Christian life narrative and to respond to issues in ways that build character and strengthen community.
Our heartbeat, Hungering for Change, immerses people in the every-day experiences of suffering humanity in our homes, communities and the world. We are inspired by historic Baptist care for the helpless and have embraced that significant heritage, even as we reach forward to join hands with the coming generations to continue this legacy of service to humanity. Hungering for Change trains individuals to work toward sustainable solutions by walking in historical footprints of service to humanity and by utilizing a unique moral decision making model for addressing complex contemporary moral concerns.  We see growing evidence today that people worldwide are hungering for similar moral change but are often frustrated in their attempts to bring about meaningful results. We believe that Hungering for Change offers a clear path to address the world's great moral concerns.

The Center trains young advocates to be both "salt" and "light" in our increasingly secular world. The Center teaches head, heart, and hands the Way of Christ, developing biblical life patterns that work for God's peace in contemporary culture. These Center Advocates learn positive moral change agency, thoughtful leadership styles, and biblical patterns of care for the whole person. (See our Peace Initiatives.)

We also believe that a flaw with much ethical leadership training is too much education without practical application. The Center is engaged locally and globally in humanitarian projects under the umbrella, Peace Initiatives. We target specifically the roots and results of three universal moral concerns--hunger, health, and home--through our Education, Agriculture, and Community partnerships.